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♪ [ male announcer ] get a retirement plan that works at e-trade. >> i'm jim cramer, and welcome to my world. you need to get in the game! firms are going to go out of business and he's nuts! they're nuts! they know nothing! i always like to say there's a bull market somewhere. "mad money." you can't afford to miss it. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people are here to make friends. i'm just here to try to make you a little money. my job is to educate and entertain. so call me at 1-800-743-cnbc. the eve of the election is upon us. and the market is confused. dazed and confused about what to do, and confused about what matters if president obama is re-elected or not. the indecision over the outcome played out once again in today's quiet session. the dow gained 19 points.
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s&p rallied. nasdaq advanced .59%. tonight i want to show you what really matters in stocks, why they might go up or down independent of the election. don't worry, i'm going to give you some picks for an upset by governor romney, although i'm on record thinking it's most likely not going to go the governor's way. but i bow to popular demand. first up, let's figure out how stocks have really done under president obama, and i'm going to use a prism that i haven't seen anyone else use, the five-year lookback. you cannot use the inauguration day as the starting point. there's too much priced in at that point. almost every stock is higher, so it's irrelevant. the s&p is up 75% from inauguration. we need to go back to when the great recession was just about to begin. it became clear the next occupant in the white house could be a democrat, proved my thesis that if obama wins, it might not matter the stocks nearly as much as you think.
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anyway, with this five-year timeframe, the phrase "under obama" as in most oil stocks fared badly under obama, simply doesn't hold up under any rigorous scrutiny. some stocks have done better with obama than without him. others will fare better if romney wins, as i'll explain later in the show and we'll expand tomorrow as part of our special team coverage of the election, it starts at 5:00 p.m. eastern. i ain't going anywhere. i might be there all night. i may stay overnight. i may sleep on an air mattress. we already did that. anyway, what's washington's role in the price moves from here? for the most part, when i look at individual companies, i see stocks doing better where management excelled, and stocks doing worse where management failed to execute. that's right. from my little vantage point, stock performance had almost nothing to do with who occupies the white house.
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sorry, i know it's a buzz kill, but i got to go with the empirical data. first, many stocks are simply unchanged during this five-year period. of course after a big dip. but let's talk about what really moves stocks. and it sure isn't 1600 pennsylvania avenue. allow me to illustrate. let's consider two stocks in the same sector, hewlett packard and ibm. back in 2007 both companies decided to de-emphasize hardware and move more aggressively toward big data management, software, and consulting. five years ago, ibm was at $111. now it's at $194, 75% gain. five years ago, hp was at $49. now it's at $14. the political determinists out there would say that business will do better under romney. i'd say that business did better under the former ibm ceo than the various ceos at hewlett packard. don't like that tech comparison?
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perhaps you think it's slanted. how about apple and microsoft, which really are the twin axes of tech. can they blame obama for their lethargy? intel falling from 25 to 22. should obama take credit for apple's huge run? by the same token, the romney surge began when apple was in the $700s. does that mean romney is gunning for apple? seems pretty stupid if you ask me. this difference is about management, raw brain power and product differentiation, not politics. somehow, maybe someone can conclude that obama's been terrible for yahoo!. it dropped from $27 to $17. google is up fractionally over the last five years. again, ridiculous, irrelevant. how about retail? this is interesting because you could certainly claim that because of, say, unemployment, that obama is involved with, that obama has been terrible for the consumer. when you consider jcpenney,
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radio shack, sears, best buy. they've declined 57%, 88%, 69% respectively. but it's been the age of walmart, home depot and costco during these last five years. home depot advanced from $29 to $62. maybe the obama administration has made the consumer schizophrenic. or much more likely, perhaps walmart, home depot and costco are just better run, especially amazing when you consider the bricks and mortar killer amazon roared from $99 to $234 during the same period. we associate obama with ruthlessness toward the banks. yet wells fargo, jp morgan, and u.s. bank corp are pretty much unchanged. and the credit card bank capital one thought to be the bane of
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the credit card bashing obama, actually up 8%. bank of america has collapsed from $47 to $9. a lot of them $57 to $17. mastercard 184 to 465. you have to draw a conclusion other than goldman and morgan have the wrong business models for the moment. and the big domestic banks have the right ones, except the poorly run, poorly executing bank of america, which can't benefit from the model because it's been so horribly hobbled by previous management's mistakes. >> the house of pain. >> that said, will goldman and morgan stanley do better under romney? is dodd/frank the liaison? or depending on trading and mergers and acquisitions as the peddling of big acquisitions is a thing of the past maybe they can come back.
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i still can't pin the tail on obama. too much disparity within the sector. obama care was supposed to take the profit margin out of the drug stocks, right? merck and pfizer are unchanged. the run in gilead. i think it's better drugs and better management. consumer packaged goods, again, not the president, but execution determined performance. that's why colgate has ramped from $77 to $105. procter & gamble barely budged. you think the carbon bashing president would crush the oil and gas industry. but it's the oil managements themselves that seem to control the situation. that's how chesapeake could go from $37 to $18. continental resources soured from 23 to 22 by going all in oil. exxon, which has found little new oil and gas and dramatically paid for xto, a giant natural gas company has gone unchanged, while chevron moved from $87 to $109. again, the difference,
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management. pure commodity plays. i really liked this. copper and aluminum. the fortunes of these stocks have more to do with china and europe than the united states. dupont is unchanged. dow chemicals down. ppg, it's doubled. more than doubled. why? the president? was it congress? democrats? electoral college? no! dupont and dow stayed in the commodity chemical business. ppg went specialty. where the barriers to entry are much higher than commodity. here's the punch line. during this whole five-year period, what has the s&p done? it's going down. you could argue it's been a slightly bad run for obama, although the real damage is from that first year before he got elected, let alone took office. sadly, i think this decline is what people will seize on as a true measure of the five-year period i'm analyzing, but i've gone over ten times as many head-to-head stock comparisons, and they all come out exactly like the ones i mentioned.
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industry after industry, company after company. the bottom line, politics is incredibly overrated as a stock performance prism. the right ones under obama, you thrive. the wrong ones, you got crushed. maybe that's why i think obama could win big. i really don't care. it's not the averages that matter. it's the stocks and the vast majority of stocks are immune to washington. keep that in mind on the eve of the election, it will make you more money than anything else you may have heard since the campaign began. pete in new york. pete? >> caller: hey, jim. how are you? >> i don't know, i'm kind of losing my voice. what's up with you? >> caller: not much. just on a gas line. in the meantime, i want to know which companies are best suited to benefit from the scrap metal i see laying all over, waste management, nucor or steel dynamics? >> it's going to be all three, but i'm going to go with waste management. i have had the great privilege by going with suburban
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enterprises, a large waste company in summit, new jersey. i have had the privilege to go to waste management's facilities right outside new york city, and boy, they have been starved for guys dumping stuff. this is going to be huge for their business. the stock has done absolutely nothing but has a great yield. i say go with waste management. okay, it's all about leadership. not in washington, but in the boardroom! good stocks. i'll help you find them no matter who wins. "mad money" will be right back. coming up, business on the ballot? on the eve of an election, the nation waits to see which candidate will rise to the occasion. cramer's not waiting for anything. tonight, he's breaking down which stocks could be most impacted by the vote and how to position yourself before polls close. and later, energy opportunity? in the wake of bp's horrific macondo disaster, the company took drastic steps to keep its
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business from failing. selling off assets at bargain prices. tonight cramer is focusing on companies that could benefit. he's got a list you won't want to miss. plus, gain from hain? sending the stock up over 50%. but will the gain soon turn into pain? or can this all natural stock continue to bring you healthy returns? cramer's exclusive with its ceo just ahead. all coming up on "mad money." [ male announcer ] at scottrade,
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carbon. this election all comes down to carbon.
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president obama hates carbon and is committed to electric batteries and ethanol. these two fuels as well as windmills and solar are obama's path to national energy self-sufficiency. romney, he doesn't care how green a fuel is. he just wants north america to be energy self-sufficient no matter what and embraces american and canadian fossil fuels as the cleanest way to get there. i have searched endlessly for economic issues that the president has direct control over, meaning you can buy them, bingo, as soon as you find out who wins tomorrow night. given the fiscal crisis in our country, i don't believe that a president can have much say over huge budget decisions anymore. things are too complex. things are too limited. i don't see individual companies benefiting from taking the direction of a fractured congress. i also think there can be no huge shift in tax policy under romney as long as congress
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remains gridlocked, which seems to be the most likely outcome regardless of who takes the house. if it's possible that governor romney is about to harness a last-minute surge aided by what i am told is a very successful get out the vote move, and if virtually all the polls have some sort of consistent pro-obama bias in which case my view that president obama prevails handily is proven wrong, then i think initially the s&p 500 can rally, rally more than just from relief that the election is finally over. if you're going to try to make money from a potential romney upset, you've got to ask what can the president do with a stroke of a pen, which when it comes to stocks is really the only way to benefit from this potential upset in a lasting, investable way. expect bernanke to be replaced by a monetary hawk. something that could impact the mortgage market is rates
11:17 pm
protected by bernanke's buying program. i think rates would still be low anyway. lack of demand. still, i regard this potential move as what i would call a push. you get obama re-elected, bernanke stays, and therefore it's business as usual for the retail and housing related stocks, meaning it's terrific for them. if romney's elected, you get a new fed chairman and sideline players who thought bernanke was threatening our economy now rush to buy stock. listen, i hear guys like that all day on our air. i see guys who say i can't get in as long as bernanke is there. that's a shorter lived move as far as i'm concerned because romney's choice would be shorter for the dollar and therefore bad for commodities. commodities go down, we tend to see sellers materialize all over the place. what else can romney do by himself? he can dump the government's remaining shares of general motors on the market, and he said he will do that. that's why if you like the autos, you need to be long ford and short gm. ford is aggressively attacking european losses. gm is just starting to do that. which brings us to carbon. there's a reason why romney
11:18 pm
brought this independence up front and center. it's something he can act on instantly. i think there's a huge gap between these two men when it comes to fossil fuels, but it's not easily seen. it takes some explaining. let me try. first, the president is very cagey about oil and gas. he's quick to take credit for finding more oil in this country. however, as romney points out, obama is just a lucky beneficiary of improvements that will allow for more oil to be found and extracted from private lands. he hasn't been a friend of anything carbon. romney is -- and that means pipelines bring fuel into this country, even if it's considered dirtier. while the president did do a photo op in front of clean energy fueling stations, he hasn't ordered any branch of his government to switch to natural gas for vehicles. it's within his right. without such an endorsement, the initiative has been warm. when the president spoke on this issue, he always emphasized it had to be from many sources.
11:19 pm
solar, wind, battery, not gas. i think they're too pro fossil fuels for him. the reason michael bloomberg endorsed obama is because he thinks obama will do more to prevent climate change. and there lies the difference between the two men and what would change if obama is defeated tomorrow. you see, romney doesn't talk about renewables as much as he talks about the need to become energy self-sufficient in north america by producing and using more fossil fuels. he knows how irrelevant renewables really are to self-sufficiency within our lifetime. i bet you offline he thinks it's a cynical gambit. a romney administration will immediately give the boot to the anti fossil fuel ideologues in the epa, which will make so it that we don't need to commit to making coal plants 100% free. that's why you should buy
11:20 pm
peabody, arch and aep real fast. if you actually think that romney is going to win. then you can expect that we'll immediately exploit federal lands for more drilling, which is a reason to buy halliburton and schlumberger. it won't mean as much to them. the natural gas stocks, i think they'll actually rally quickly under the perception that romney will go less solar and less electric battery. if they have to embrace natural gas engines, it's not going to matter, people. people want it to matter, but it won't. you need demand to put up the huge number of nat gas fueling stations and only the government can provide that initial demand whether the private sector people like it or not. private industry can't afford to do it. i've been championing this issue for so long. trust me, we know that obama with a super green reputation pays lip service to fossil fuels. i believe romney wants to
11:21 pm
encourage natural gas as an alternative gasoline to lower the price at the pump, even though what he hasn't said the way to do it is to have an emphasis on natural gas. using natural gas as a surface vehicle fuel is the only way he can bring about his goal of north american energy self-sufficiency. it simply can't be done with domestic oil drilling alone. the ceo of continental wins under either candidate, but it's nonoil fossil fuels that could benefit from a romney victory. the way to go if you really think romney is going to win is natural gas. you can short the remaining solar plays, the latter being one that romney has already trashed in the debate. the desire to become energy self-sufficient within an eight-year romney presidency requires embracing natural gas as a surface fuel. i think he would back into its use simply because there's no other way to get there. so here's the bottom line. both candidates want the nation to be energy self-sufficient, but only one really wants it to be done with carbons, and that
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makes this group the biggest winner under a surprise romney win. karen in west virginia. >> caller: boo-yah, jim. >> snow country. what's up? >> caller: the mountaineers. >> tough game. what's up? >> caller: well, a question about transcanada. given the information today on the deal that they struck with mexico on the one billion plus pipeline they built. >> right. >> caller: what kind of play do you think that is? >> doesn't move the needle. you want to move the needle on transcanada, romney. romney win, transcanada hire. simple. thank you. energy independence is a priority for both candidates, but obama likes the greener, more diversified route. romney, he's all about carbon. after the break, i'll try to make you more money. coming up, energy opportunity? in the wake of bp's horrific
11:23 pm
macondo disaster, the company took drastic steps to keep its business from failing, selling off assets at bargain prices. tonight, cramer's focusing on the companies that could benefit, and he's got a list you won't want to miss. and later, gain from hain? investors have been hungry for shares of organic giant hain celestial this year, sending the stock up over 50%. but will the game soon turn into pain? or can this all natural stock continue to bring you healthy returns? cramer's exclusive with its ceo is just ahead, all coming up on "mad money."
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we're more than 78,000 people looking out for more than 70 million americans. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare.
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right now, everybody is talking about the latest $50 billion disaster, the horrific and tragic superstorm sandy. this caused so much harm across the northeast. but tonight, i want to throw a little curveball at you and focus on a different disaster. talking about the macondo oil spill that left bp on the hook for a staggering $50 billion worth of liabilities. why am i coming back to macondo when everyone else is focused on sandy? because so far, in order to cover that $50 billion bill, bp has been forced to sell $35 billion worth of assets. the companies which have bought those assets tend to be doing really well.
11:27 pm
we're getting all these quarterly reports. why, because they've got some pretty good deals from bp. now that bp is nearing the end of its asset disposal program, i wanted to highlight the opportunistic buyers that have been able to swoop in like vultures and pick off pieces of bp at bargain basement prices. bp is the true motivated seller. they have no choice. they needed the money and they needed it now. anybody with the good fortune to be ready and to buy anything from them has gotten a terrific deal. bp is like a helpless giant. i'm going to tell you about all the companies that have been taking advantage of its weakness to pick up high quality assets at ridiculously low prices. let's start with the refiners. bp decided to sell off two of its refiners. one in texas city and the other in carson, california. historically, i haven't been a big fan of the refiner business. lately the dynamics of the industry have changed dramatically for the better.
11:28 pm
we've got an oil boom going on in this country and that's been great for the refiners because they make their money off the difference between the domestic west texas price that they pay for oil, sometimes even underneath that, and the higher global brent crude price they use to charge for refined products. that's the benchmark they price off of. right now the spread is higher than it's been in ages. great for refiners. which refiners have benefitted from bp's desperate need to raise cash? first there's marathon pete, marathon petroleum. symbol mpc. mom, peter, charlie. agreed to buy bp texas city for $2.5 billion back in october. this deal should have tremendous synergies because marathon pete already operates in this area. bp had spent $5 billion refurbishing this refinery just seven years ago. now marathon can buy it for half of that cost? wow. what a deal. then back in august, tesoro announced it would buy bp's carson, california, refinery. also get some related logistics, $2.5 billion. property is located right next
11:29 pm
to one of tesoro's other refineries. are little investment, they could be combined into a single facility which would save a bundle. what other oil patch vultures have swooped in to pick off pieces of bp? there have been a bunch of master limited partnerships to do some opportunistic buying. take linn energy. back in february bought $1.2 billion of oil properties in kansas. and then in june, they announced that it will buy another billion dollars worth of assets in wyoming. these are both terrific purchases that should allow them to boost the distribution. if you're a regular investor, the best way to play linn in an i.r.a. is with linco. bp also sold off its canadian
11:30 pm
nat gas liquids business to paa back in 2011. so far the deal has been working out very nicely and that gives you a juicy 4.8% yield and barely more than a point off its high. last but not least, the exploration and production companies that have bought up oil and gas assets. way back in july of 2010, when the macondo disaster was still fresh in people's minds, we learned that bp was selling $7 billion worth of upstream assets and you better believe apache got a fabulous deal. this was a take it or leave it transaction. the permian basin in texas is one of the centers of the current fracking boom. the second largest player after occidental. apache is very cheap right now. some foreign assets that people don't like. stocks less than one point off its 52-week low. there could be some potential upside here, but the last few quarters have not been great. it sure isn't bp's fault.
11:31 pm
apache stock might not be in great shape at the moment, but buying those assets back in 2010 was a brilliant move. that's why i want to draw your attention to plains exploration production. pxp. which back in september announced it would buy $5.5 billion worth of deep water assets from bp. these deals establish plains exploration as a major player in the gulf of mexico. the company has laid out a major in-depth plan that i think is doable. plains, which is an incredibly well-run company, has always done best as a deep water operator. they're definitely moving the right direction here. long-term, i think the company would do better simply because they're getting these assets from bp for less than they are worth because bp is this motivated seller. here's the bottom line. look, bp has come a long way since the macondo oil spill. company has its feet back. bp got there by selling off a ton of assets at what are probably very favorable prices.
11:32 pm
we want to own companies like marathon pete, tesoro, linn energy, plains oil american pipeline, maybe apache and plains. bp, it's the gift that keeps on giving to those opportunistic enough to take advantage of it. jack in pennsylvania. >> caller: thank you for taking my call. i'd like to inquire about cheniere energy, lng. a month ago, i sold some after making a few bucks. i was thinking about buying into it again and i happened to notice the quarterly report showed another loss, a more significant loss than anticipated. do you have any insight into this company, and is it a player in the future of liquefied natural gas? >> well, it's a player. i prefer you to buy the cqp kind, the one that has the limited partner, that gives you a better yield.
11:33 pm
this is a stock that is dependent upon obama losing. if obama wins, there's always the chance that there could be something to hold this thing up. by the way, as it is, romney's advisers may not even favor this plant being built. i think it will be, but be careful. it is a political situation right now. from motivated seller to motivated stocks, bp keeps on giving. its assets are helping the bottom line of so many other companies, especially linco.
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it is time for the lightning round. are you ready skee-daddy? time for the lightning round. i'm going to start with bruce in illinois. bruce? >> caller: hey, jim, what do you think about -- it's chicago, we did a walgreen's out here, there's walgreens on every corner. >> express scripts blew up tonight. i'm a buyer. my daughter and i had a fabulous time in new orleans. we were going walgreens, walgreens, walgreens. my whole family was fantastic. luke in montana. luke? >> caller: boo-yah from the university of montana. how's it going? >> holy cow, man. that is one beautiful school. what's going on? >> caller: what do you think about matrix service co? >> very small petroleum servicing company that i like very much.
11:38 pm
should be bought by another company. let's go to bob in california. bob? >> caller: boo-yah, jim cramer! >> nice stuttering boo-yah, bob. >> caller: i'm from the home of the world series giants, 2012 giants. >> i'm jealous. >> caller: i have a question about intel. >> i was stunned -- stunned was not even the word. super stunned when apple -- when bloomberg reported that apple is going to drop intel for its mac chips. that's amazing. intel isn't going to get in the cell phone either. i say don't buy, don't buy. rick in georgia. rick. >> caller: jimbo. align technologies. >> the other day i said i missed that whole move, it's probably not too late. it was too late. and i'm going to say don't buy, don't buy. steve in michigan. >> caller: boo-yah, mr. cramer. mgm, what do you think? >> no, man. i got enough trouble with wynn. i don't need to go down the food chain to mgm.
11:39 pm
let's go to prakash in illinois. >> caller: boo-yah, mr. cramer! aui, your favorite company. >> it is. it's a great gold growth stock and it has done far better than every other. remember, you got to be careful. the price of gold comes down a lot. i'm going to sammy. oh, wow, where i just visited. louisiana. sammy! >> caller: boo-yah, jim. >> boo-yah. >> caller: jim, you and steve leesman -- y'all are great. >> really? >> caller: you really are. all three of you. my question is -- and thanks for taking my call. is there any reason why mcdonald's is not doing so well and do you think it's going to make a comeback? >> i don't want to buy it now. we got a new ceo. got to wait a little. we need a couple good monthly comp numbers. we don't have that.
11:40 pm
i am on the sideline. don't usually try to make a trade there, but bingo, it worked. let's go to kim in virginia. kim. >> caller: boo-yah, jim. longtime listener. real quick, what about pdli? >> i'm going to say yes to that, especially after what happened with biomarin. we pushed it and pushed it. that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the lightning round! >> the lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade. coming up, gain from hain? investors have been hungry for shares of organic giant hain celestial this year, sending the stock up over 50%. but will the gain soon turn into pain? or can this all natural stock continue to bring you healthy returns? cramer's exclusive with its ceo is just ahead. [ male announcer ] this is karen and jeremiah. they don't know it yet, but they're gonna fall in love,
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some themes that you keep working regardless of who wins. themes like healthy eating. the fight against obesity will continue even in the event that michelle obama is no longer first lady. people want to be healthy. that's where hain celestial comes in, the natural and organic food company bringing better brands. the stock is up 217% since i recommended it back in april 2010. hain has pulled back 16 months from its high, though. for ages all it seemed like it did was go higher. one cent earnings beat off the 39-cent basis. a lot of companies are growing that fast. hain is now selling for just 20 times next year's earnings with a 16.6% long-term growth rate. that's inexpensive.
11:45 pm
plus, hain keeps making acquisitions that add to the growth rate, including the announcement of the purchase of blueprint. let's talk to irwin simon to hear more about this quarter and where his company is headed. irwin, welcome back. how are you, sir? have a seat. i had to come back. the electricity came on. i had to toss all my frozen food. everything. and i started thinking, i'm going to see irwin today, and i bet you in some weird way -- and i know you're doing some great charity stuff, too. i have to go back to the store and replenish everything. >> so first of all, my thoughts and my family's thoughts go with everybody affected by the hurricane. just terrible what happened out there. just absolutely inexcusable and horrible things. but last week, before the hurricane, everybody's out there stocking up. if you went to the supermarkets, they were wiped out. i visited a lot of stores last saturday, sunday, and really wiped out. everybody spent two days at home
11:46 pm
during that hurricane. and then we lost a lot of power. and those that lost power had to throw their frozen food out. >> just because it looks like it's good, you've got to throw it away. if it's open, you've got to throw it away. >> you don't want any of that. from that today, hey, number one, we're up there replenishing stores. some plants were down for a couple days. today the line at the supermarkets are a lot like gas stations as consumers are now replenishing their freezers and cupboards. sandy can be the excuse. from hain and we're out there in business, business is good. >> new acquisition. i know that this is one that a lot of people on my staff said listen, you've got to highlight this. i have not had it.
11:47 pm
>> i've watched this whole juice category. today they're pasteurized. the nutrients are lost when you heat it to certain levels. but i've watched the whole category and the growth in the category. this was started by two young ladies that grew at $25 million-plus. right now, 80% of their sales are home sales. it's not at retail. it's at whole foods in the northeast. the opportunities to expand -- >> you just blow it out? >> blow it out. expand it. put more production, more capacity. let me just say this here. i think drinking healthy juice is going to be more and more important. pasteurized juice, just like cans of soup. like lulu lemon within hain. >> this walmart picks up immediately. >> picks up immediately. sleepy time snooze. sleepy time tea is one of our number one selling brands. how do we take the sleepy time brand and how do we expand it?
11:48 pm
just what you said before, jim. our sales were up 25%. our organic growth has grown at double digits. our consumption has grown at 11%. we had brands like arrowhead mills up 35%. we had garden of eatin' up 43%. gmo is important. tomorrow they're voting on prop 37. >> u.s. the only other country that allows gmo in most of their foods. where are all these allergens? it's important that we get rid of gmos. our soup business -- this has been a big acquisition for us in the uk. this is coming to the u.s. in january. fresh soups, 30-day shelf life, and i've got to tell you. we don't have that. >> you get the stuff that was made at the store. >> you ever see that, you have people sneezing, people with dirty hands. who wants to be buying it? we got a lot of good stuff going on.
11:49 pm
>> during the quarter there was this pressure down. someone said that you were losing share in yogurt. you yourself in answer to a question from jeffrey said yes. he said it was getting messy. you admitted there was some pricing. is that where the run occurred? >> listen, i came back. greek gods yogurt, we looked at it, it was $12 million. today it's to $100 million. greek gods was up 40% in this quarter. yes, we're overlapping growth from last year. i was looking at october numbers. consumption up double digits. we can't make enough pouches today. >> it's a high quality problem that cannot meet demand. >> it's replacing a lot of jars. they think we're losing share out there to plum and other baby food companies. but listen, we have a lot of brands. is everything always going to grow 40%? of course not.
11:50 pm
we're not a one-trick pony. there's no one retailer that makes up more than 19% of our sales. we're growing very nicely in europe. the uk acquisition closed on monday, the day of sandy. and we're pretty excited about that. i've talked to uk retailers and they've said we're four or five years behind the u.s. in regard to nutrition. we need help with products over here, bringing in nutritional products. we have gluten-free. we have organic baby food. we have numerous products that we can take to the uk with the premier acquisition. >> i hate to rush this, because it's important. but you did something very charitable. i want to give you a second to mention that.
11:51 pm
>> it's amazing what happened downtown in new york city. yesterday, i had a group of people come into my office and we packed up a truckload of food, just the samples, and brought them to nassau where you got all these men and women working around the clock. brought it to one of the shelters. we'll continue to do that. we'll continue to do that in many, many shelters. one of the biggest cries out there is for baby food and formula, and we'll be out there supplying it because we're very, very fortunate. >> good man. thank you so much. that's irwin simon, chairman and ceo of hain celestial group. it's down a lot. maybe that's an opportunity, not something to run from. "mad money" is back after the break.
11:52 pm
11:53 pm
11:54 pm
maybe it was the storm, maybe it was the election. we have some stellar news just now getting its due. one was the purchase of lucas films by disney. let's throw in pixar. immediately disney stock got hit because the deal wasn't additive to earnings. i'm not denigrating the market's reaction. pvh made fortunes when it came to buying how many not that long ago, but people are totally
11:55 pm
overlooking what disney can do with lucas film. the franchise can produce films that sell worldwide. it's incredibly easy to do a line of extensions and spin-offs, but to create a franchise from scratch, difficult. consider how much hay iger made from this acquisition of pixar, something that was originally perceived as an overpay. then the amazing biography of steve jobs, knows the vision that both iger and jobs both possessed. they knew pixar was capable of producing hit after hit. third, i remember when disney brought marvel and people thought that iger paid too much, but it only took a couple movies to make it back, and bingo, "the avengers" hit it out of the park. disney has only scratched the surface of marvel's stable of characters. it is the back half that has got me really intrigued. i was always looking for a new excuse to go to disney world because i love taking my kids there. with this acquisition, you don't just get a new ride, you get a
11:56 pm
whole adjunct theme park, huge merchandising possibility. it wasn't just disney's lucas film that was overlooked. i was awestruck by how well kellogg did this quarter. the seller of pringles, they also produced a quarter with a negative past. very good results out of asia for ford. meanwhile, taking aggressive action to fix the black hole that is europe. the job is not finished and the ceo is not retiring until it's done. he will fix europe just as he did with the u.s. disney, kellogg, procter, ford, all doing the right thing. all being overlooked! it's never too late to fix that. although all you've got to do is buy, buy, buy! stick with cramer.
11:57 pm
11:58 pm
11:59 pm
>> some incredible after the close action today. eog, my favorite growth oil company, shot the lights out. that stock is climbing and climbing. already above 120. i think it could go higher. and then express scripts. i can't believe they md.

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